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Royal Ashburn Wedding - Whitby Wedding Photographer

Joel & Kristin are married! YAY! The two of them said their "I do's" this past Friday, April 22nd. The day couldn't have gone any better. From the weather, to the amazing supportive bridal party, the venue at Royal Ashburn Golf Course and being surrounded by their lovely family and friends.

Please see a few sneaks from their day below. They also had a first look! If you are thinking of having a first look or not sure if you should. There are a lot of plus's to it in my opinion!

1. You two can have an intimate moment one on one, this especially helps if you have nerves being in a crowd.

2.. Capture all your photographs ahead of time and go ahead and enjoy cocktail hour with all your guests!

3. We can also sneak out for 10 minutes during dinner with just you two to get that golden hour glow or of the painted sky sunset!

On the other hand, I completely understand traditions. If this isn't for you! Then thats okay too. Seeing one another for the first time surrounded by your family and friends is a very special moment. Do your day for YOU one else. What feels right in the gut, is the right way to go.

As a wedding photographer, I feel completely honoured to be able to be apart of capturing these moments that will last a life time. Thank you both for choosing Lisa Hughes Photography. It really means so much!


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