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Surprise Beach Proposal Photos - Whitby Proposal Photographer

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

My dear friend Diana messaged me a few weeks ago asking if I was free and able to capture her brothers surprise proposal by the beach. And without hesitation I of course said "YES!".

As the week followed she kept me updated on plans and we decided to meet up a few days prior at the beach in Whitby, Ontario to check things out. We scouted areas where we thought we would have the best lighting, sunset and view. Also sent her brother some phone photos - he did have the final say after all!

Well, last night was the night. I think I got more goosebumps than I have in a very long time. She had NO idea and it TRULY showed. Everything worked out perfectly! I mean PERFECTLY.

Thanks for trusting in me and having me apart of such a milestone in both your lives you two! I hope you take in every single moment of this.

Please enjoy some of my favourites from last night - It was hard to choose.

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