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Michael + Kate's Engagement Session - Ken Reid Conservation Area, Lindsay, Ontario

I received a message in my inbox from Kate mentioning she was interested in my services and pricing as she was newly engaged! I was of course delighted as I met the two of them through my boyfriend and knew we'd be an awesome fit. I sent over my packages and shortly after chatting and going over their big day, they booked me in!

Their wedding is set up for this June at the beautiful Meadowview Gardens. WHICH if you have not heard about. Check them out. (Family owned and operated).

A few weeks ago we met up to shoot their engagement session at Ken Reid Conservation in Lindsay, Ontario. I first discovered this beautiful spot last fall and I knew I had to go back again. Little did I know this time, all the driveway paths were closed and I had to convince the two of them to make the trek to the boardwalk. IT WAS A MUST! and it was so worth it. Please see some of my favourites from their session below.

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