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Kyle + Ashleigh's unique gender reveal! - Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory

I met Kyle and Ashleigh back in in 2016 during a Wedding Consultation. They were laid back, relaxed and had a beautiful vision for their big day. Following their wedding in September 17th 2016 I never knew then that I would have photographed her two sisters weddings as well. I've had the pleasure to have grown close to the Sankey Family. (Let me tell ya..their parents are happy they didn't have any more daughters! haha!).

Fast forwarding to 2019 I received a text from Ashleigh informing me she was pregnant and really wanted to capture a unique gender reveal. I of course was thrilled and HAD to do it. The morning of the gender reveal I get a call from her, "Hey Lisa, sorry to ask you this, I'm currently in the room with the nurse and she explained that she can't write the gender in the envelope and needs to tell someone. Can that be you?" I of course said "Yes!". It was so neat and funny to find out the gender before anyone and I felt special as I've grown so close to all their families. I knew both of them hadn't told any of the family members about the gender reveal idea and wanted to make it a full surprise.

Once I arrived to the Cambridge Butterly Conservatory I took a look around as I waited for my cameras to be climatized. Living in Canada during the winter days can reach deep into the negatives, sometimes -25/30 and walking into a nice heated warmth summer day felt room my camera begun fogging up in seconds. After taking a look around and waiting, I then let the coordinator's know of the gender in order for them to get the box all ready!

Below you will see the reveal and some cool fun photographs we captured following. Let me tell you though, being in that room for over an hour does not make me miss the humidity of summer! haha

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