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Pie Eyed Monk Wedding Photos - Jesse + Christie!

I met Jesse over 10 years ago while we both were managers at Spirit Halloween right before starting my business. He and I agree it was probably one of the best jobs ever. (aside from being my own boss now) :P

Fast forward to last year while photographing Christie's sister's wedding, I saw Jesse for the first time all newly engaged and met the beautiful Christie. They both said right then that I will be photographing their wedding in the future, and we made it happen in June.

Their day started off looking like it was going to storm pretty hard but it cleared up JUST as Christie walked out of her getting ready spot into the limo. (Knock on wood - but I am kinda lucky that way).

This was my first time working at Pie Eyed Monk in Lindsay Ontario and I already cannot wait to get back there. The staff were ON their shit. Let me tell you! So organized and to a t, ON time. The venue was just beautiful and they flipped the entire room perfectly while the guests had cocktail hour downstairs. If you are looking for a venue in the Lindsay, Ontario area. I highly recommend! Shout out to the other vendors including DJ Lynz and her team. It was a pleasure spending the evening with you!

Enjoy the photos and congratulations to Jesse & Christie!

Officiant: Kate Harrison

Hair: Leeanne Tremain

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